It’s a strange situation to find yourself in, dating, or trying to, and then being out of work for an extended period of time.

I mean, is anyone into the “I’m so crazy, I haven’t slept in 3 weeks, and now I’m on FMLA” kinda situation? I’d have to lean towards no on this one. Just a hunch.

Still, here I am. And there he is. Which completely freaks me out on so many levels. 

Still, he sees me. I don’t know how, or why he’d even want to, but he sees me. He sees parts of me I haven’t seen in forever.

A huge part of chronic fatigue is the “chronic” of it all, and it’s seen it’s fair share of guys. Never really a big seller, that one. Somehow, it’s fooled me into believing I’m a lesser person for it. That my self worth is somehow measured by how rested I do not feel when I wake up. 

He doesn’t think I’m boring. He doesn’t think I’m worthless, or a waste of time, or any of the lies I’ve told myself. He enjoys spending time with me. Me! 

He’s no one I would’ve picked for myself. Yet, somehow we’ve found each other, and I feel something resembling comfort in his arms. He doesn’t judge me, but he’s been there too, and offers his experience.

For once, I get the feeling that eventually, I might be enough.


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