Will you please get out of my head?! You’ve been in there all. damn. day. 

I guess that’s the downside to having nothing but time. Sooo much time to think. Hours upon hours of nothing but thinking of you.

Honestly, I have nothing better to do. But c’mon! It’s driving me just a bit crazy. 

It doesn’t make any sense for my thoughts to be monopolized by you. We’ve only known each other 2 weeks or so. I need to come up for air. 

I don’t want to obsess over you. Even though that really is my thing. I don’t want to ruin this. It seems so new and refreshing and pure and full of hope. I am not used to feeling this. Why am I feeling this? Where are my walls I’ve built up to keep everyone out? And how did you find a way past them?

I won’t say I’ve enjoyed this life of solitude, but it works. No one can hurt you if you never let anyone in. Or so it seems. It’s a lonely life, but it’s okay.

And then in walks you…


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