So you may have noticed I’m not all sunshine and rainbows. I don’t look for the silver lining, and I wouldn’t know a good thing if it smacked me in the face these days.

But somehow I think I’ve found a glimmer of hope in all my doom and gloom. And I don’t know what to think about it. Or him.

I wasn’t looking for him. I don’t know what I was looking for. But here he is, and I like him. Maybe he likes me too. And he doesn’t seem to care that I’m broken.

How is that possible? They always care. It’s a huge elephant in the room that crushes any chance of a future.

So I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m just enjoying his company for now. He’s really good company. He makes me think. And feel, even if I don’t want to.

But inevitably, it always ends. Kinda messy, for that matter. 

I don’t know where to go from here. Or if I want to go, or just be stuck in the moment that is now. Because that moment almost resembles happiness.


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