Today I lost someone who I thought was a true friend. I’m not even sure what happened. 

She’s been my roommate for 2 1/2 years. We were friends from work before. An argument started over her request for me to wash the dishes & ended with her telling me I was shitty, alone, and hateful.

Then she screen shot our entire phone conversation and sent it to my mother.

I am 37 fucking years old and she told on me to my mother. But that is not even the ridiculous part. 

She ripped me apart and used so many cuss words, it was disrespectful to show that to my mother in the first place. I was civil, I did not say anything rude or mean about her. And she went on to tell my mom how I hurt her feelings.

Grow up and tell your own mother. And tell her with less profanity. 

She’s not supposed to be moving out until January. She’s been looking for s new place to live since April and finally gave up. Apparently I am the only one who will allow her to live in my home. And that was only out of friendship. 

I cannot live five or six months with someone who has basically told me I’m dead to her. But I’m not really the kind to kick someone out on the street either. She’s here because she had nowhere else to go.

So much for being the nice guy…